Mauro Vianello

Combining Art & Education Since 1990

Mauro Vianello does what art does, stopping time, movement, the very flow of water, to make us see and remember; he takes us where we do not go , deep into the sea, to come out with his vision, our new memory.

These are the words that Joel Arthur Rosenthal used to describe Mauro Vianello’s work, exhibited for the first time at the Glass Museum on Murano island in 2016. Living on Murano has made it easy for him to fall in love with sea creatures. This is his answer to the frequent question of why he mainly creates marine creatures. There are actually multiple answers – in nature it is difficult to find a yellow, red or orange horse. The sea, on the other hand, is inhabited by sea horses of these very colors.
Thanks to the variety and brightness of colors made available by glass it is therefore possible to deftly reproduce the phantasmagoric colors of sea inhabitants. Another answer is that glass reproduces with precision the brilliance of water on skin.
Mauro Vianello’s frequent visits to the Blaschka collections have moreover turned him into a zealous student of these XIX century artists. His continuous search for perfection takes place in his studio in Venice, where he creates his projects and teaches different techniques. His courses have also been hosted by schools, private ateliers in Holland, Russia, France, Australia, USA, China and Universities such as the Lorenzo dei Medici Institute and the Pittsburgh Glass Center USA.



His first exhibit entitle   “Un mare di vetro”  (A sea of glass) curated by Sabiana Paoli.  The marine themed works of art were executed using particular techniques that achieve a high degree of realism. In the following years he participated in exhibits and competitions in several countries.

His works of art are presently on exhibit in numerous museums.




My signature


A small piece of glass with my initials (MV or VM) inside the colors of the italian flag commonly called “murrina”. It’s added during the execution of the object, while it’s still hot, not to sign the object, which is already unique and unrepeatable also for myself, but only to embellish it with a touch of refinement, act that points out in its simplicity, the study and the care for particulars.