Classes & Workshops

Lampwork Classes and Workshops

The Studio offers weekly courses for beginners intermediate and experienced flameworkers.

It is equipped with 5 fully operational workstations, torches and the best tools of the trade, to allow a student to learn and appreciate flame working in a safe and relaxing atmosphere.

All Classes Include:

  • Use of studio tools (i.e. lamps)
  • Consumption of gas and oxygen
  • Use of protective glasses
  • Materials for the course such as: glass and various pigments such as frits, gold or silver leaf

Each student can attend the courses with his or her own personal work tools.

Intro & Beginner Classes

Basic course

Basic course for those who want to start learning / or trying glass working with the lampworking technique.

Beads Class

Basic course for those who want to start learning / or trying the processing of glass beads with the lampworking technique.

Advanced courses

Advanced course for those who want to deepen shapes and techniques in lampworking.
Work experience is required.

Made by Students

From My Students

Mauro and I spent time ‘one on one’ in his Studio; he shared his knowledge and tecniques generously with me. He watched me work and in a short time he improved my skills in numerous ways by offering different perspectives on flameworking glass. The hours spent together were fruitful and I am grateful for all the knowledge I received.

-Alberto Gee

Everything was really excited me duringI learned glasswork from Mauro. He set me many fantastic models. His studio is full of marine life that he created, colorful glass and many tools. Justice a treasure chest! I had an amazing time there.  I will be soon.


Happy Students


Mauro is an excellent instructor. He is able to explain flame working tecniques in ways that make them fun and easy to understand.

- Jen Case